Egyptian Fruit Bat

Egyptian Fruit Bat

Fruit bats are in the “megabat” family. Unlike most megabats, the Egyptian fruit bats uses echo-location for navigating in darkness. They produce sounds with their tongues that resemble a series of clicks to the human ear.

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Catering at the Zoo

Adult Programs

Twilight at the Zoo

Join us for these unique opportunities for adults ages 21 and over to learn about the zoo and the animals under our care.

Please let us know if a member of your party has special needs or mobility concerns when registering.

Pre-registration is required. These opportunities will fill up fast!

Twilight at the Zoo: Free-Flight Raptors
Thursday, July 20 at 6:30pm

$50.00/member; $55.00/non-member


Please email and let us know how many spaces you require to be placed on the waitlist.

From a majestic Eurasian eagle owl to swift Harris's hawks, the zoo is home to a variety of birds of prey. Join us to tour the zoo's newly renovated raptor facility, meet some birds up close and even have the chance to see a raptor in free flight on zoo grounds. Senior animal care staff will lead a discussion on care of these birds, and share details about the training process to keep our free-flight birds in top condition. Bring a sense of adventure and a need for speed!

Twilight at the Zoo: Tiger Behind-the-Scenes Exclusive
Thursday, August 24 at 6:30pm

$55.00/member; $65.00/non-member

Join us for an exclusive experience featuring our endangered Amur tigers. Guests will have the chance to chat with animal staff about the daily care and training of these majestic cats and participate in an exclusive tour of the tiger night house. Animal staff will also discuss the role the Rosamond Gifford Zoo plays in the Species Survival Plan for Amur tigers.  Program includes cocktail time and hors d'oeuvres.

Twilight at the Zoo: The Art of Falconry
Thursday, October 5 at 6:30pm

$30.00/member; $40.00/non-member

Have you ever wondered how humans have trained birds of prey to be hunting partners? The art of falconry dates back at least 4,000 years. Join Rosamond Gifford Zoo Curator and Master Falconer Dan Meates for an exciting presentation on the history of falconry and how birds are trained for this sport. Our popular Twilight at the Zoo series will use a new lecture-style format this month to permit a deeper dive into the fascinating world of falconry! Cash bar and light refreshments will be available.

Cancellation Policy:

If you are enrolled and you must cancel for any reason, your registration fee is nonrefundable unless a patron on the waiting list can fill the space. In the event the cancelled slot is filled, a 25% processing fee will be deducted from your refund. If there is no waiting list for the program you are cancelling, no refund will be issued.

Wait List:

We often add programs based on the length of the wait list. If the program you are interested in is full, please call (315) 435-8511 x206 with the program name and the number of tickets you require. If a space becomes avaliable or we open another program, we will contact you.

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