Amur Tiger

Amur Tiger

Tigers are the largest of the wild cats and the Amur tiger is the largest of the tiger species. They range in size from 400 to 700 pounds for adult males and 200 to 300 pounds for females.

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Zoo Safari On-Site Educational Programs at the Rosamond Gifford Zoo

SCSD 2013

Are you a classroom teacher looking to make the most out of your field trip to the zoo?            Try Zoo Safari!

Zoo Safari on-site educational programs engage students in hands-on learning during a field trip to the zoo. Zoo educators will work with classroom teachers to tailor a field experience that supports learning taking place in the traditional classroom. Students will visit the zoo's classroom where concepts will be reinforced through a 60 minute multi-media presentation including live animal encounters and animal artifacts such as skulls, furs, and feathers. Depending on the group's size and needs, other unique opportunities such as a visit to the zoo's diet kitchen, a chat with a zookeeper, and animal enrichment viewing at an exhibit may be available. Whether your Kindergarten students are learning about what makes a bird a bird or your college students are learning about the genetic management of captive-bred animals, the zoo has a program for you!

Troop leaders! Zoo Safari programs aren't just for schools! Zoo Safaris make great enhancements to a scout badge or patch project!

Cost: $100.00 per program (base)

Call or email Liz Schmidt at (315) 435-8511 x205 today to begin customizing your Zoo Safari program!

For field trips to the zoo without an education program, please call Guest Services at (315) 435-8511 x100.

Zoo Safari in Action!

Second graders from the Syracuse City School District visited the zoo throughout the winter to learn about how animals prepare for winter. Students met an American kestrel, Eastern box turtle, and Virginia opossum  as they learned about migration, hibernation and staying active in CNY during the cold winter months.                                         

Zoo Safari


Second graders from the Westhill School District visited the zoo to learn all about bats. Students met an Eastern screech owl and Tlemeha, the zoo's white-winged vampire bat. Students' knowledge of bats was tested during an interactive and energetic 'bat quiz' in the zoo's classroom.