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Giant African Millipede

Archispirostreptus gigas

The giant African millipede is the largest species of millipede, growing up to 13 inches long and 2.5 inches around - and they have 300 to 400 legs. Often confused with insects, they are actually arthropods, relatives of shrimp and crabs.

Range & Habitat

Rainforests of subtropical western Africa. They prefer dark, hollow spaces under rotting roots.

Conservation Status: Common, Not Endangered


In the Wild: Decaying roots seeds and logs.

In Human Care: A variety of fruit and vegetables.

Life Span

5 to 7 years

Fun Facts about the Giant African Millipede

  •  Giant african Millipedes can smell AND taste with all of their body parts!
  •  This millipede is nocturnal, meaning it is active at night.
  •  Millipedes have four legs for each body segment while centipedes have only two.



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Updated August 18, 2021