Rosamond Gifford Zoo

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Indoor Exhibits

Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the Social Animals wing and the Zalie and Bob Linn Amur Leopard Woodland exhibit are the only indoor zoo exhibits currently open to the public. Please note that the zoo is practicing one-directional touring in keeping with health protocols, with your zoo visit starting at the furthest right entrance to the outdoor zoo and continuing around the Wildlife Trail before you can enter the Social Animals wing toward the end of your tour.

Please remember to wear your mask and maintain social distancing throughout your zoo visit! See the specifics on our COVID-19 restrictions HERE.

The Rosamond Gifford Zoo is home to more than 700 animals representing over 200 species. From our smallest invertebrate species  to our largest mammal (Asian elephant), the zoo offers unique opportunities to view some of the world's most iconic - and endangered - animals engaging in their natural behaviors in surroundings modeled after their wild habitats.

The zoo is open year-round, 362 days a year. About 60 percent of exhibits are indoors (with some of these currently closed due to health restrictions). Outdoor exhibits remain open for the winter and include species chosen for their ability to adapt to our CNY climate. (Note: In cases of extremely inclement weather, outdoor animals may not be on view.)