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Glass Packaging is the Clear Choice!

Did you know that glass is 100% recyclable and can be recycled endlessly without loss in purity or quality? This alone is a great reason to use your purchasing power at the grocery store to buy sustainably. Pasta sauce, salsa, beverages, condiments and pickled items are all often found in both plastic and glass jars on the supermarket shelves. By making the choice to buy and recycle glass, instead of plastic, you lessen your carbon footprint and help the planet!

Not only are glass jars and bottles fully recyclable, they can also be reused again and again in your own home. Washed glass jars can be used for canning, plant terrariums, storage, home décor, re-sealable to-go cups and in many other ways.

Remember that any cracked or chipped jars should go right into the recycling and jars that may have held chemicals should not be used for food storage even after being washed. Check out some great ways to reuse your glass jars here: