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Shaving Sustainably? That's Smooth

Studies show that in 2019 alone, almost 160 million Americans used disposable razors. If each one of those people used at least five new blade cartridges per year, that’s 800 million cartridges going into our landfills annually. The picture is even worse if each blade represents a plastic razor.

By making the switch to a safety razor, you can drastically reduce the amount of plastic that goes into the trash and still get a close shave! Because safety razors use straight razors, which require less packaging and can be recycled, refreshing your razor is drastically less expensive than with a disposable brand. While a good quality safety razor handle may cost a bit more upfront, they are made to withstand shower conditions for many years, making the overall cost of switching much less expensive.

 Leaf, a leading safety razor band, estimates that if every shaver in America switched to a safety razor, they would save over $3 billion annually! Check out their products along with info on how to use a safety razor here:

If you already have a safety razor, you can make your shaving routine even more sustainable by cutting out shaving creams and gels for shave bars and oils. These products use far less packaging, so they have a much smaller carbon footprint. Check them out here: