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Miniature Mediterranean Donkey

Equus asinus

Miniature Mediterranean donkeys are considered a separate breed of donkey hailing from the Italian islands of Sardinia and Sicily. This breed is valued for being tame and gentle.

Range & Habitat

Originated in the Mediterranean area of northern Africa, and have been established in the areas of Sicily, Sardinia, and the United States.  


In the Wild: Grasses, shrubs, and desert plants.

At the Zoo: Hay and mineral supplements.

Life Span

In the Wild: 25-30 years; In Human Care: 30-35 years.

Fun Facts about the Miniature Mediterranean Donkey

  • There are 3 categories of donkeys: Miniature (36 inches tall and under), Standard (37-54 inches tall), and Mammoths (greater than 54 inches tall.)
  •  The miniature Mediterranean donkey uses vocalizations to communicate with other donkeys. Some of their vocalizations are so loud that they can be heard from over a mile away.
  •  Miniature Mediterranean donkeys curl their top lip up and show their front teeth when they discover a new or interesting smell. This response is called a “flehmen response,” and it helps to move smells to an organ that processes new smells.


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Updated September 26, 2020