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Neon Day Gecko

Phelsuma klemmeri

The Neon day gecko is one of the smaller species of geckos. They inhabit the island of Madagascar and reach up to 4 inches in length. This gecko is highly arboreal (mainly tree-dwelling) and hides in bamboo to lay eggs.

Range & Habitat

In the Wild: Tropical climate, usually in Northwest land of Madagascar. The Neon Day Gecko enjoys basking spots between 85 and 95 degrees. 

At the Zoo: USS Antiquities cave

Conservation Status: Endangered

This species is threatened by habitat loss and high demand for the pet trade. They are also declining due to the quality of forest (such as bamboo) within their range.


In the Wild: small insects, such as small to medium sized crickets, small roaches, small mealworms, wax worms, silkworms, and hornworms.

At the Zoo: insects, crickets, various worms, and cockroaches.

Life Span

In the Wild – 10 years; In Human Care – up to 20 years, if cared for properly.

Fun Facts about the Neon Day Gecko

  • In the wild, this species uses cracks in bamboo to hide/lay their eggs.
  • With proper diet, habitat, and interaction—day geckos may see lifespans into their 20s.
  • At the zoo -- they can be hard to spot - look carefully!



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Updated June 13, 2023
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