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Hippo Tang (Blue Tang)

Paracanthurus Hepatus

Also known as the Palette Surgeonfish or Hepaus tang, the Blue Hippo Tang is vibrant blue with contrasting bold, black markings, and a bright yellow tail fin. It has a pointed snout-like nose and sharp spines at the base of the tail. The spines are equipped with a venom gland that inflicts a sting to its victims. It can grow to a length of 12-inches.

Range & Habitat

Native to the reefs throughout the Indo-Pacific region, they live in small groups or pairs. 

Conservation Status: Least Concern

Widespread coral reef loss and declining habitat conditions are worrisome, and there is some concern about illegal collection for the aquarium trade.


In the Wild – Plankton and algae (juveniles primarily eat plankton).

 At the Zoo – Marine plants, zooplankton, dried algae.

Life Span

In the Wild: Up to 30 years
In Human Care: 12-14 years

Fun Facts about the Hippo Tang (Blue Tang)

  •  Dory from the "Finding Nemo" movies is a Blue Tang.
  •  Juvenile tangs are bright yellow.
  •  These fish can make themselves semi-transparent to evade predators.
  • Their coloring is a warning to predators that they are poisonous.


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Updated June 7, 2021