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Green-winged Teal

Anas crecca

The Green-winged teal is the smallest North American dabbling duck. The male has a chestnut colored head with a crescent shaped green eye patch running to the back. Females are a mottled brown and lack the distinctive green stripe. They both have green wing patches that are visible in flight.

Range & Habitat

The green-winged teal is found in marshes, rivers and bays throughout North America.

Conservation Status: Least Concern


In the Wild – mainly seeds, grasses, and aquatic plants, but will also eat smaller invertebrates.

At the Zoo – Waterfowl grain mix.

Life Span

In the Wild: 20+ years
In Human Care: 20-30 years

Fun Facts about the Green-winged Teal

  •  Green-winged teals are among the fastest ducks, able to fly up to 60 mph.
  •  They are very active on foot and can run and walk for long distances.
  •  They capture smaller food items than other dabbling ducks due to the lamellae (closely spaced, comb-like projections) around the inner edge of their bill.
  •  The males whistle while the females quack.




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Updated April 1, 2021