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Pied Imperial Pigeon

Ducula bicolor

The word “pied” means having at least two colors, and the pied imperial pigeon is so-named for its mostly white to pale cream color with bluish-black flight and tail feathers. It is a relatively large pigeon with a slender build, and there is no difference in appearance between males and females.

Range & Habitat

:  The pied imperial pigeon prefers coastal habitats found in New Guinea, Thailand, and other small coastal island forests, mangroves, and coconut plantations in Southeast Asia.

Conservation Status: Least Concern

This species is still commonly found in most of its natural historical range. However, conservationists are keeping an eye on threats such excessive hunting, disturbance of their nesting colonies and habitat loss.


In the Wild -  fruits and berries, including wild figs and large fruits of the wild nutmeg

At the Zoo -  fruits, berries, pigeon pellets, paradise pellets


Life Span

In the Wild: Unknown.
In Human Care: Up to 20 years.

Fun Facts about the Pied Imperial Pigeon

    Pied imperial pigeons can swallow extremely large fruits with very big seeds.  The seeds are ejected after the pulp has been removed in the crop or passed through after the pulp is removed by its stomach action.

    These pigeons are among the most powerful and agile flyers in the bird world and their flight muscles are relatively larger than in most bird groups.  This allows them to cross large bodies of water to different islands.


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Updated June 13, 2023
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