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Luzon Bleeding Heart Dove

Gallicolumba luzonica

The Luzon Bleeding-heart Pigeon gets its name from a dark, red patch of feathers on its breast that looks like a bleeding wound. During the breeding season, males attract females by showing an inflated breast to display their vivid blood marking or “heart”.

Range & Habitat

The Luzon Bleeding-heart pigeon is native to the forests of the Philippine islands of central and southern Luzon and Polillo.

Conservation Status: Near Threatened

This species is threatened due to the loss of habitat from deforestation, illegal hunting for food and collection for the pet trade.


In the Wild: seeds, fruits, insects, worms, other small invertebrates

At the Zoo: pigeon pellets, fruit mix, seeds, mealworms, wax moth larvae

Life Span

In the Wild - 15 years
In Human Care - 25 years

Fun Facts about the Luzon Bleeding Heart Dove

  •  The bleeding-heart dove, like all doves and pigeons, drinks water by submerging its beak and sucking the water up and swallowing without raising its head between sips.
  •  When they forage for food, they resemble a chicken; thus their scientific name: Galli means chicken and columba means dove.

  •  These birds help ensure the success of the forests through seed dispersal.

  •  It is fairly common for zoo visitors who have never seen this species before to report an "injured bird" to zoo staff due to its wound-like marking.


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Updated June 13, 2023
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