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Pencil Urchin

Eucidaris tribuloides

Colt corals are soft and fast growing, with short rounded or conical lobes that are pink to tan in color. The branches resemble fingers that grow out, up, and then fork and grow more branches in all directions. They grow to 16-inches in height.

Range & Habitat

Native to the Indo-Pacific region, they are found in colonies along elevated areas of reef.

Conservation Status: Not Evaluated


In the Wild: The majority of their nutrition is received through photosynthesis and comes from their symbiotic relationship with marine algae. 

Life Span

In the wild: unknown; In human care: unknown

Fun Facts about the Pencil Urchin

  • Unlike leather corals that are dry, Colt corals are slimy to the touch.


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Updated August 19, 2021